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Theses are just some of the testimonials pulled from my LinkedIn page, which you can see here if you have a LinkedIn account.

“Hugh is an early pioneer in helping people build their online identity to match their real world self-image. He's created several profile backgrounds for me for Twitter, and I've watched his work for several other people, as well. Hugh's pretty much my go-to guy for this kind of stuff. He does more than I've just explained, but that's the capacity within which I've worked with him. - Chris Brogan

“It's great to work with Hugh, would work again with him in a heart beat. Highly recommend him.” - Loïc Le Meur

“Hugh represents the best of the cutting edge in social media identities and personal brand equity. He has his finger on the pulse of technology and internet culture which translates into superior manipulation of social media "intangibles." This knowledge uniquely positions him to help his clients achieve exemplary visibility and buzz.” - Olivia Hatcher

“Whenever I need social media identities created, I turn to Hugh. He's on-time, on-budget, and creates social layouts with verve and impact. Your social media identities are part of your personal brand. If you're going to do it, do it right. Hugh is the pathway for getting there.” - Jay Baer

“Hugh 'got' social media from very early on and has been a trusted creative partner many times. In fact, I am sometimes secretive about who has done such a great job for me because I don't want him to be too busy for my next project. Hugh also keeps evolving his expertise and growing into a true social media thought leader. Got a new project that needs savvy creative design and social identity smarts? Tweet this guy now!” - Sarah Browne

“I had the opportunity to engage Hugh to create the branded look and feel for my Twitter page. Hugh applies his entrepreneurial skills and creative talents to helping people and businesses leverage Twitter and other social media platforms to help achieve their business objectives. Additionally, Hugh's consultative style guides you to reach further in your branded communication effectiveness. As Twitter and other social media platforms evolve, Hugh has the ability to keep in step with these format changes and create branded solutions that maintain strategic communications objectives. I highly recommend Hugh as he truly "gets" the social space.” - Glenn Raines

“When I was looking for a custom Twitter background, I checked out a lot of colleagues' backgrounds and found they had the same designer in common: Hugh Briss. That was good enough for me. I hired Hugh to design my Twitter background and was thrilled. About 10 months later I went back to Hugh for an update on my back ground and to engage him to also design a suite of complimentary backgrounds for my Facebook Page, YouTube and Twitter backgrounds. I love the look and feel that Hugh developed. Hugh is quick, responsive and creative. He offers expert advice to make sure his client gets the best design for their business. I have recommended Hugh to many, many colleagues. I would hire him again without hesitation.” - Denise Wakeman

“Hugh is a true visionary, someone who is always pushing for excellence in his field of expertise. A true leader when it comes to setting the example. If you have a chance to work with Hugh, don't hesitate he always produces results!” - Eryn Hubbard

“Hugh did a great job with my twitter background, he was responsive and worked to provide a great end product. I would highly recommend Hugh, you can trust him to get the job done quickly with excellent creativity, and at a very reasonable price. - Walter Schwabe

“I first discovered Hugh’s niche offerings as a social media identity specialist when reading Joel Comm’s book, Twitter Power. Throughout the process, Hugh was personable and accommodating. After I accidentally deleted my first Twitter page, he quickly re-uploaded my background free of charge. I am pleased to have found and have used Hugh’s services and would certainly recommend the company Social Identities to those seeking this type of assistance.” - Rachel Brownlow

“Hugh's work on my Twitter profile was not only creative and well-attuned to my requests, but he also added additional value via his original suggestions - and the price was right, to boot. We've consulted with Hugh on other ideas in the past and always found him to be thoughtful and focused.” - Todd Defren

“Hugh did a great design for my twitter page which I have used in many other sites since. It combined what I had in mind for my brand with some great ideas.” - Joanna Penn

“I've used his services to improve the social media image of my blog on social business. Hugh is very professional, and he has a deep knowledge of all the details of his work. I'm very satisfied and I recommend him.” - Eugenio La Mesa

“I met Hugh through a recommendation from one of clients to have some graphic work done to create my fan page on Face Book. I contacted him and discussed my ideas. Hugh provided a variety of alternatives to meet my objectives. When I decided on the work that best meyt my needs the project started. The work was completed on time and the results exceeded my expectations. In addition, Hugh was very personable and responsive to all my questions providing common sense realistic business answers. .” - Mark Gadsden

“After working with Hugh once, I realized that I did not want to work with anyone else to do design and implementation work for our social media profiles. Hugh is a quick study on who his clients are both personally and professionally, and his ability to bring that to life through balancing design and structure is phenomenal! He is responsive and thorough, and I highly recommend his work.” - Stephanie Sammons

“I asked Hugh to come up with my background artwork for my Twitter page and he came through with flying colours. He went above and beyond - I'm looking forward to working with him again. He's easy to work with and delivers!” - Mike Vardy

“Hugh is a highly skilled graphic artist and web designer. His work is exceptional and I have worked with him on several projects. He stands above most with his attention to detail and pride in his work.” - Monte Schumacher

“Hugh provided excellent quality work that I have recommended to friend and associates. I will continue to work with him.” - Jim Kukral

“I've known Hugh since 2002. He has done work for me on and off and is always a pleasure to work with. He has an in-depth knowledge of his business and delivers top of the line professional work. I am thinking of hiring him again for a new project in the coming weeks.” - Kevin Godbee

“Hugh is an easy to work with creative professional. His work is exceptional. I highly recommend him.” - Laurie Brown

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