Ready to Step Up Your Social Media Game to Become More Proficient, Productive and Profitable?

Do you consider yourself a social media expert or are you like most people, always learning and trying to keep up with all the changes, leaving you with less time to do the jobs you're getting paid to do?

Are you constantly searching Google or posting in support forums and groups looking for answers you can't get from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any of the other social networks with virtually zero member support and then not getting a useful answer from the forum or group either?

Wouldn't it be great to have one place to go to learn everything you could possibly want about all of your favorite social networks from a group of masterminds, all assembled in one place?

Hi, I'm Hugh Briss. I've been designing websites and graphics since 1996 and helping brands use social media since 2006. A couple years ago I started the Social Identities Facebook group to provide a place for social media pros to collaborate. That group has grown to over 1,900 awesome members so I decided it was time to take it to the next level. I wanted to create something that was way more than what Social Identities has become, as great as that is.

So, welcome to Social Media Masterminds, the online community where someone will always know the answer to your question. And hey, it's not all about questions is it? Sometimes we just want to get someone else's opinion about something or ask our peers to review our latest website or blog design. And what about having a place where you can find out about the latest changes before you read it anywhere else?

Our members have access to personalized help from me, as well as other members of the community who all have some expertise or knowledge others don't have. In addition, there is a growing archive of articles to refer to and we also have scheduled live chats on the latest hot topic.

Members of Social Media Masterminds will get:
Personalized help and in-depth advice. 
Articles with tutorials, tips and reviews. 
Regularly scheduled live chats and Hangouts.
Critiques of members' social pages (upon request).

Think of Social Media Masterminds as a combination of a busy community, with members all sharing and helping each other, combined with my personal consulting for less than my usual $180 an hour.

Sure, you can spend hundreds of dollars a month on online courses, webinars, seminars, books, and videos or spend countless hours scouring Google and a ton of support forums and groups and maybe you'll find what you need, but why not join a large and growing group of fellow social media professionals, all with the same goal, to learn and share their knowledge, and all for the cost of a few cups of coffee?

Join us now and become part of our community of social media professionals for only $14.95 a month.

FREE 2 Week Trial: You can cancel your membership at any time but if within two weeks you decide Social Media Masterminds isn't worth every penny and more, I will refund your payment.

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IMPORTANT: Be sure the email address you provide is the one associated with your Facebook account because that is how I will be adding you to the group.

Please note that although this is a Facebook group, it's not focused on Facebook. This is a "social media" group and that means all forms of social media, including blogs.

Terms and conditions: This is a members-only community with a monthly fee. Your PayPal account or credit card will be charged immediately upon registration and will be billed again every 30 days until the subscription is canceled. You can cancel your membership at any time with no cancellation fees. Your posts and comments in the Facebook group, Forum, or Chat Room will be visible only to other members and will not be used in any way outside of the group by Hugh Briss or Social Identities, without permission. We assume no responsibility for the actions of other members. If for any reason a member is removed from the community for violating the rules of good conduct the subsctiption will be terminated but no refunds will be given.


"The Social Identities Group has been invaluable to me in my work. I have paid for some fairly high-dollar online courses, summits and webinars which gave me stacks of printable strategies, and promised guaranteed results, but weren't really much substance. They were so mostly fluff.

I found Hugh Briss's group, and I couldn't take in the information quickly enough. His information is always correct, up-to-date and brilliant. He's a genius with creativity, fun, humorous, and engaging enough to keep everyone on their toes. Hugh is also generous with what he knows. Just being in the group and watching Hugh engage with people there has helped me take my social media skills up several notches, and I never looked back. I can't thank him enough."

- Suzanne Thomas

"I have been a member of the Social Identities Group for two years now, and have always found it to be my ‘first stop’ for fast answers on all kinds of social media topics.
From changing the names and URL’s of Facebook pages with more than 200 Likes, to finding work-arounds to the constant Facebook glitches we all experience along the way, I’ve found out everything I’ve needed to know from Hugh and the many talented members.

I see the group as a very valuable community, where members are only too happy to share their knowledge and experience to guide and assist others. I know that I have also occasionally been able to help other members within the group."

- Vanessa Lewis

"I have been engaging with Hugh Briss from Social Identities for many months. Social Identities and Hugh Briss have definitely been a great asset to myself and my clients. Hugh is a leader in Social Media tips, advice and who is able to help with various platforms. Even if it's creating an awesome cover for your Facebook or Twitter page, he is a true professional and I have learned a lot from him."

- Jeffrey J. Belonger

“Hugh represents the best of the cutting edge in social media identities and personal brand equity. He has his finger on the pulse of technology and internet culture which translates into superior manipulation of social media "intangibles." This knowledge uniquely positions him to help his clients achieve exemplary visibility and buzz.”

Olivia Hatcher

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