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Professional Headshots and Profile Photos
Without the professional price, and using your existing photos

Click this photo to view in high res to check the details.
More examples below.

Does your headshot look professional, especially your LinkedIn profile photo? You can have the most impressive social media profile or website "About" page in the world but humans are visual creatures and before anyone even starts to read your credentials they’re going to get a quick first impression from your profile photo. If that photo doesn’t project the same level of professionalism as your resume you’ll have already gotten off on the wrong foot.

Or, maybe you already have a professional studio portrait but you’re tired of the plain studio background or just want to update your profile photo. I can replace the old background with any setting you would like.

If your profile photo needs help but you don’t want to go to the hassle or expense of hiring a professional photographer I’ve got the solution and it costs just $49. These aren’t the typical poorly done cutouts that look like someone cut around the hair with a pair of scissors. Take a look at the examples; every wisp of hair is intact.

Note: Submitted photos must be mostly in focus and taken in front of primarily neutral backgrounds. I can’t take a cell phone photo of you at a football game with your friends and make you look like a CEO. The higher the resolution the better. I can’t add details that don’t exist in the original photo and a small fuzzy photo is not going to work.

If you don’t have a photo already ask a friend to take one for you. Choose a plain background, like a wall and make sure there’s contrast between the background and your clothes and hair. If you have blonde hair don’t stand in front of a white or beige wall and if you have dark hair make sure the background is light in color. Don’t cut off the top of your head and don’t get too close. Waist up will be good, I’ll take care of the cropping. Lighting is a lot easier than most people realize and you’ll get the best results taking the photo outdoors in bright shade. You just don’t want to be in the direct sun.

If you want it to look like you’re in your actual office and have a good photo I can use for the background send that but if you’re not that picky about what the photo is but would just like something that creates a professional look, like the examples on this page, I’ll find a photo for you.

Follow the link below to place your order. Please allow one to two weeks for turnaround. The final photo will be returned as a PNG file for highest quality and at the original dimensions for use anywhere on the Web and also as a square to be used for social media profile photos.

Click here to order your Professionalized Headshot or Profile Photo.

As you can see from some of the examples I don’t just drop in a new background but I do some photo editing, color correcting and retouching as well. I do this if it helps sharpen the image, improve the contrast and make the photo pop, which many photos taken with cell phones and point and shoot cameras don’t usually do. Photo editing, color correction, retouching and background changes to create a professional looking headshot, all for only $49. Click here to order yours today.

Click the above photo to view the detail. Even the small hairs on the top of his head are there. Often, the difference between a professional headshot and a candid photo is the background. The Headshot Doctor can cure what ails your photo.

When I signed up for Hugh's offer, I figured he'd add a neat background so my headshot would look a little better. I also asked if he could touch up a few areas of my face that had always bugged me in that pic. I was stunned when I got the results! The background was brilliant and made a huge difference. But he also removed the sheen from my face, evened out my complexion, lighten my "beard shadow", and even removed a minuscule "cowlick" on one of my eyebrows! I showed my new pic on Facebook and everyone was as blown away as I was. It's literally turned the picture from something I thought was so-so to one that I'm proud to display! His service is worth much more than he's charging. I'm a very happy customer!
-Mark Meloon

You’re doing a great job and service with these photos. Changing one’s profile picture is “important" to Facebook. Changing to a Hugh Briss masterpiece generated around 30 likes in 2 hours.
- Jim Evans

I changed my FB profile pic shortly after I got my Hugh’d picture and I can’t believe how many of my friends Liked it, with several comments. People I haven’t heard from in a long time, even. Profile picture changes must rank high in FB’s newsfeed.
-Debbie Kerswill

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