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Hi, I'm Hugh Briss. I started my first award winning graphic design firm in 1987 and designed my first website in 1995.

I don't call myself a "guru" and I don't give speeches at conventions, but I've been using social media since the beginning and have years of experience with blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the rest. I talk about social media on my Social Identities Facebook Page and run two Facebook groups at Social Identities and Social Media Masterminds. I also use short screencasts to explain tips, hints and techniques at Hugh's Clues.

If you would like an educated and honest critique of your website, blog or Facebook Page; have questions about social media and want to get a quick understanding of how it can benefit your business; need advice on setting up and using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.; or have questions on the best way to represent your brand on those services, I'd be happy to help.

“Hugh is an early pioneer in helping people build their online identity to match their real world self-image. He's created several profile backgrounds for me for Twitter, and I've watched his work for several other people, as well. Hugh's pretty much my go-to guy for this kind of stuff.
Chris Brogan

“Hugh represents the best of the cutting edge in social media identities and personal brand equity. He has his finger on the pulse of technology and internet culture which translates into superior manipulation of social media "intangibles." This knowledge uniquely positions him to help his clients achieve exemplary visibility and buzz.”
- Olivia Hatcher

"The Social Identities Group has been invaluable to me in my work. I have paid for some fairly high-dollar online courses, summits and webinars which gave me stacks of printable strategies, and promised guaranteed results, but weren't really much substance. They were so mostly fluff. 

I found Hugh Briss's group, and I couldn't take in the information quickly enough. His information is always correct, up-to-date and brilliant. He's a genius with creativity, fun, humorous, and engaging enough to keep everyone on their toes. Hugh is also generous with what he knows. Just being in the group and watching Hugh engage with people there has helped me take my social media skills up several notches, and I never looked back. I can't thank him enough."
- Suzanne Thomas

"I have been engaging with Hugh Briss from Social Identities for many months. Social Identities and Hugh Briss have definitely been a great asset to myself and my clients. Hugh is a leader in Social Media tips, advice and who is able to help with various platforms. Even if it's creating an awesome cover for your Facebook or Twitter page, he is a true professional and I have learned a lot from him."
- Jeffrey J. Belonger

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